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ecoLash FAQ


Our most frequently asked questions about ecoLASHES™

Q: What is ecoLASH™ ?

Our DIY ecoLASHES™ are known as ribbon lashes and are made to be cut into segments, or clusters. You choose the width of the segment for a truly customized and precise application. Who needs expensive and toxic lash extensions when you've got ecoLASH™!  All in the comfort of your own home, ecoLASHES™ are natural-looking, comfortable and durable.  When you become an APPLICATION PRO, you can create infinite looks by mixing different ecoLASH™ STYLES and LENGTHS! 

Q: Are ecoLASHES™  difficult to use? 

Our sustainable ecoLASHES™ are easy to work with and provide superior comfort while protecting the health of the natural eyelash.  

Q: Are they magnetic?

They are not magnetic

Q: Why do they come on a ribbon?

We LOVE this ribbon style. It allows you to choose the segment you would like and also allows for traditional strip lash applications.

Q: Where are they applied?

They are applied in segments to your natural lash and provide superior comfort while protecting the health of the natural eyelash.

Q: Why do ecoLASHES™ come in different lengths?

Using different lengths will help in achieving the look you are going for, or as we call it, your ecoLASH™ MAP. 
0.1mm thick. Select in lengths of 10mm, 12mm or 14mm

Q: What makes these lashes, ecoLASHES™ ?

They are made of feather-light lash fibers. Our exclusive sustainable ecoLASH™ products are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET and HDPE, so that water bottle that you trash may one day end up beautifying you! Colored by micas, vegan & cruelty free! Made in the USA!

Q: How long can ecoLASHES™  stay on?

Each set can last up to 5 days and can be reused many times.

Q: Can ecoLASHES™  be reused?

Yes, they can be reused many times.

Q: How do I reuse and store my ecoLASHES™?

To reuse, simply soak your lashes for a minimum of an hour in 99% alcohol and dry off carefully. Best if dried on our SILICONE LASH HOLDER PADS. Then, store in containers of choice.

Q: Can you stack ecoLASHES™  for more volume?

Yes,  if you'd like more volume, you can stack the ecoLASH™ and by using more segments.

Q: What are the ingredients in ecoLASH™  adhesive?

Ingredients: Acrylate copolymer, water, organic glycerin, leuconostoc ferment filtrate (kimchi seaweed)

Q: Am I required to use ecoLASH™ adhesive?

We recommend using our adhesive as it has been specifically formulated for our ecoLASHES™

Q: Can I swim & shower with them?

Well, that depends. If your lashes are naturally oily, chances are, swimming could detach them. When showering, we suggest avoiding straight water pressure, avoiding oil-based soaps around the eyes and avoid cleaning your lashes. Be sure not to rub or scrub your eyes.

Q: How do I know what size is right for me?

Trial and error. Sizing depends on factors such as length of your eyelids, if you wear glasses and overall look you are trying to achieve. Trying different lengths is the fun part and when you get comfortable with applying, you can try out different lash maps to find your faves.

Q: Can I wear mascara with ecoLASHES™ ?

No. You should not wear mascara.  You will find you have no need for it!

Q: Can I wear other makeup with ecoLASHES™ ?

Yes, you can wear other makeup. Just be mindful not to apply too close to where the lashes adhere and use Qtips to allow safe removal of makeup without disturbing your lashes.

Q: Can I sleep in them?


Q: Can they be used with contacts?


Q: Will they damage my natural lashes?

ecoLASHES™ are not like traditional eyelash extensions.  They do NOT use damaging glues and do not tear off your lash when they fall off.

Q: Will they change the color of my eyes?


Q: Can I wear them if I have no lashes?

You can apply the lashes as strips on to the skin, like a traditional lash; however, you will not be able to use them as segmented lashes, which are applied directly to the lash.

Q: Are these safe for all ages?

Yes. If you have children that would like to wear them for dance, competitions or Halloween, they are totally safe.

Q: Are Lashes able to be returned?

Lashes and Lash Accessories are NOT able to be returned

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