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Perfect lash mascara, made from all natural ingredients which condition your lashes and rely on organic fruit pigment for color. Coats, thickens and lengthens the lash with every stroke of the brush. Smudge proof and water resistant.

7 grams

*this product has NOT been certified to the organic standards. For more information about why, please visit http://poofyorganics.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-rules-of-being-usda-certified.html 


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MASCARA $28.00

4 Stars Based on 13 Review(s)

Anne of Indiana
- 5 Stars
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Best brush!!

December 6,2023

I know everyone is obsessed with the Hd mascara but this brush is the best!!! The bristles are perfect and brush my eyelash hairs nicely. So no clumps! Then, if I want extra, i can add a second coat or the hd on top! Tip: the eye makeup remover works awesome on this or a tiny bit of charcoal bar soap on a qtip for any goofs or morning quick cleanups!
Kylie of Florida
- 5 Stars
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Awesome Mascara!

September 24,2023

I will only buy this mascara for the rest of my life! All of the ingredients are clean, simple, and not concerning to me for my health. The brown mascara is a bit dark but the formula is great and goes on nicely. My only qualm is that the wand they chose is a bit chunky and makes it hard to coat the bottom lashes without smudging. Overall, if you are hesitant about buying this mascara I wouldn't be.
Angela of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Dark lashes with length

July 14,2023

I love using thus Poofy Glan black mascara to lengthen my lashes. Especially since the formula is not made with harsh chemicals.
Finally a brand I can trust for cosmetics.
Diane of Alabama
- 5 Stars
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Sensitive eyes

July 9,2023

My eyes are super sensitive so I only wear mascara when I really want to feel all pulled together. I love that I found Poofy’s mascara. I can wear it all day without my eyes itching, burning nor watering!
Stephanie of Colorado
- 5 Stars
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GREAT mascara

July 9,2023

Love this product. It works well, layers/builds well without clumping, doesn’t flake or smear.... it even stays through crying sessions 😂
Rocio of California
- 1 Stars
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March 14,2023

I accidentally bought this mascara thinking I had purchased the HD mascara. I thought, it’s ok, this will prob still work. Nope, did nothing for my lashes, barely looked like I had anything on. Also, once dried after a few hours, I looked like a raccoon, it had smeared under my eyes. Extremely disappointed. Hesitant to purchase the HD mascara as this one had good reviews.
Kristin of Nebraska
- 5 Stars
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The best clean mascara ever!

December 5,2022

I’ve tried close to a dozen clean or organic mascaras and this is the ONLY one I’ve found that doesn’t clump, isn’t hard to apply, and doesn’t leave my lashes looking like spider legs. I love it!
Kendall of California
- 4 Stars
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Great Product!

December 2,2021

I love how smoothly this mascara goes on, and there is no harsh offensive smell, great product!
Erin of Wisconsin
- 5 Stars
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Only mascara for me!

December 2,2021

This is the only mascara I have used without getting eye irritation! It also preforms well (it is obviously not waterproof so please don't ask that of it!)
Michele of New Jersey
- 5 Stars
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December 2,2021

This is the my all-time favorite mascara. I love how it goes on and how easily it comes off. It’s the best clean mascara!
Kyrstin of California
- 5 Stars
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My go to!

August 21,2020

I love being able to just grab this mascara and apply it real quick and feel like I did so much more.  Even my 2yo will point out my eyes when I put it on.  It doesn't stink, it doesn't clump, and can be layered to add length and volume.  I adore this mascara and wear it on days I'm not even leaving the house.  Only downside is if your toddler splashes you in the face with water it just might run a bit.
Acacia of North Carolina
- 3 Stars
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It's okay

July 28,2020

As much as I want to love this mascara, I just can't. When first opened it was pretty liquidy and I had problems with it smearing under my eyes from blinking before it fully dried. After awhile, the consistency got more like regular mascara, but I still have problems with smearing. It also can be slightly clumpy, which I usually don't have a problem with.
For the ingredients I gave it 3 stars. This is my second time trying it, thought maybe the first one was just a fluke. I got the brown, and it's a very dark shade but looks nice.
Jennifer of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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March 3,2020

I absolutely love this mascara! It’s everything I want! Clean ingredients, lightweight, no flaking, super silky, no clumping and water resistant!!
I have tried both the regular & HD mascaras and like them both equally. The regular is perfect for a more natural look, but can be layered to get the dramatic effect. And the HD gives your lashes extra BOOM on the first coat!!

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