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Super Shrooms Mushroom Tincture Organic


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If you’re going to take a mushroom supplement, you want to look for a manufacturer that offers 100% organic mushroom extracts and supplements, produced, stored, and packaged under strict guidelines to preserve their nutrient content and overall effectiveness.

Our triple extraction process contains 14 different mushrooms! Take around 100 days to make this tincture!
1. Mushrooms are fermented to make the polysaccharides, triterpenoids and alkaloids more bioavailable. 
2. Hot water extraction, because polysaccharides are only water soluble
3. 90 days in alcohol, because triterpenoids are only alcohol soluble.  

Free of gluten, GMO, pesticides or herbicides.

1 oz.

"Evolutionarily speaking, fungi are more closely related to humans than plants.

This fact may be why many of the components that help mushrooms defend themselves against their enemies also support your body’s defense mechanisms and are increasingly being seen as a legitimate means to enhance your health and well-being.

The ancient Egyptians believed eating mushrooms brought long life. And mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world, particularly in Asian countries.

Now, modern scientists are discovering some fascinating healing properties of mushrooms. And more than a hundred species of mushrooms are currently being studied across around the world today for their potential health benefits.

#1 – Increasing Antioxidant Activity

All available evidence indicates that, at high levels, free radicals damage various structures in your body’s cells. This cellular damage contributes to an increase in your risk for developing many health problems, including those related to aging. This is why decreasing or inactivating free radicals can lead to huge benefits for your health.

Dietary antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, selenium, beta-carotene, and others, counter the adverse health effects of free radicals.

Promisingly, many mushrooms also contain powerful ingredients that have been found to neutralize free radicals.

For instance, extracts of the medicinal and dietary mushroom Reishi have been shown to reduce free radical activity. Known in China as the “spirit plant,” Reishi is believed to relax and fortify both mind and body.

Another medicinal mushroom, chaga, is also known for its antioxidant properties — indeed, according to a report in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, a Chaga polysaccharide has been found to possess “strong antioxidant activity for scavenging free radicals.”

#2 – Enhancing the Immune System

Every second of every day, your immune system is working overtime to clear away debris, to fight off cancer cells, and support your body achieve vibrant, healthy functioning.

It’s an extraordinarily complex and multifaceted system. And sometimes, especially as you age, your immune system can begin to wear down and function less effectively.

Mushrooms can help. They boost both the levels and activity of many vital components of your immune system — and may even “prime” immune cells so that they become more effective in responding to future infections and attacks.

#3 – Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Mushrooms may also be useful in managing safe levels of blood sugar.

Compounds from the parasitic fungus Cordyceps have been shown to help support balanced blood sugar levels. For example, a study published in the journal Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin found that a Cordyceps polysaccharide showed “potent hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering) activity in genetic diabetic mice,” while “plasma glucose level was quickly reduced in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice.”

The study also found that this same Cordyceps-sourced polysaccharide contributed to lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

One of the most common and devastating complications that can be caused by diabetes is diabetic nephropathy. Over time, the condition can cause the kidneys to malfunction and, eventually, to fail.

In one promising study, Cordyceps was shown to significantly reduce blood glucose levels, lower kidney breakdown markers, and preserve renal function in mice.

#4 – Supporting Brain Health

The ball-shaped mushroom with cascading icicle-like spines known as Lion’s Mane has long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. Once reserved for royal families, Lion’s Mane contains up to 20% protein and is considered to be a gourmet dish by many.

Potent compounds in Lion’s Mane have been shown to activate a very important peptide (a small protein) known as “nerve growth factor” or NGF. NGF is necessary for the growth, maintenance, and survival of the neurons in your brain.

These Lion’s Mane compounds stimulate your neurons to re-grow and trigger a process known as re-myelination, which helps to keep your neurons healthy and maintains their ability to conduct electrical signals efficiently.

#5 – Improving Exercise Performance

Mushrooms don’t just help you live longer. They can also help you live better — and stronger. Especially Cordyceps.

Cordyceps extracts have been shown to dilate the aorta — the main artery in your body that supplies oxygenated blood to your entire circulatory system — by up to 40%, thereby increasing blood flow and greatly enhancing endurance.

What’s more, Cordyceps contains adenosine and can stimulate the production of ATP — one of the main sources of energy in your body’s cells. This may be one of the reasons why it has been found to improve stamina in athletic performance."

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Super Shrooms Mushroom Tincture Organic $36.00

5 Stars Based on 6 Review(s)

Allison of Florida
- 5 Stars
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Best shrooms!

July 11,2023

I add this to my morning coffee because I love the benefits of all the different mushrooms. This formula is fantastic! I don't notice any odd flavor when I add it to my drink...you'd never know you were drinking mushrooms.
Jodi of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Daily must have!

July 8,2023

I am not a fan of mushrooms but know the benefits are amazing. Thankful that Poofy created this tincture. I use it daily and hardly get sick anymore. It’s an amazing immune support and boosts my athletic performance. Love the mental clarity I feel from taking it too!
Lou of Ohio
- 5 Stars
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We've Added This To Our Regular Health Routine

December 5,2022

I always knew that mushroom varieties are full of really healthy stuff and this tincture is a must have for us.  Great energy, boosting our immune system, fabulous antioxidant properties.  We won't be without it.  Love that Poofy Organics cares enough to make this!!  They truly talk the talk and walk the walk.
Susie of Minnesota
- 5 Stars
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Balance Achieved

December 2,2021

I am a huge fan of using mushrooms for general well being  and have used a variety of formulations for years. After trying this tincture, I'll not be going back to the others. The level of calm energy and overall wellness that I experience while taking it is second to none.
Kelly of Virginia
- 5 Stars
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Daily routine!!

March 12,2021

This is a must for me in my daily routine! I add it to my coffee and love all the health benefits. This is one of my top 10 poofy products for sure
Joel of New York
- 5 Stars
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Love the Shrooms!

October 30,2019

I was so excited when the Super Shrooms was released. The health benefits are numerous. The tincture tastes exactly like Creme De Cacao Liquore to me. Which I find pleasant! It gives me a bit of extra energy in the morning. Love it!

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